Building Capacity Workshops TWG aims to empower MEPI LAA alumni’s skills and expertise to provide them with essential tools for an effective and positive advocacy to implement change in the society. Activities
Capacity Building, Networking Events ,Days of Service

TWG – Together We Grow – 2 year Project


  • Capacity Building Workshops: Workshops that were set upon MEPI LAA members’ interest.
    7 workshops were done: Social Media, Leadership, Proposal Writing, Voluntarism, Human Rights, Citizenship, Conflict Resolution
  • Exchange of Experiences: An initiative that was done to provide MEPI LAA members the opportunity to share their knowledge and their expertise with their fellow members.
    8 sessions were done: Teamwork, Promotion of a Person or a Group, Labor Law, Oil & Gas, Rural Planning, Law & Protection against Domestic Violence, Personal Branding, Coaching Session
  • Alumni Initiative Activities: An initiative during which MEPI LAA provided the chance to their members to form groups and prepare an activity to create a change in their community. The initiative was funded by MEPI LAA. Projects Included:
    • Women Entrepreneurship Sessions: Workshops offered to women who own their own businesses in Tripoli, in empower them with basic workshop trainings to guide them on taking control over their business
    • Caring Day: An initiative to provide care for the Asile Maronite Nursing Home, Ain El Remeneh; where 80 mattresses and covers where offered for the elderly. Also, a lunch was prepared for the Nursing Home.
    • Recycling Aluminum Project: Awareness recycling sessions were provided for 5 different schools in the North Region, where recycling bins were distributed in the schools to gather aluminum cans.
    • Women’s Political Rights: An initiative targeting women in the Chouf area, during which 3 full workshop days were provided to empower women who have interest in politics.
    • Young Citizens Initiative: A 2 days training program that target the youth in the North region. Candidates came from various rural areas from the north to participate in awareness sessions that help them become effective citizens in the society.
  • MEPI LAA organized Community Days of Service volunteering with the less fortunate:
    • MEPI LAA members supported and advocated for the rights of people with disabilities around the week of the International Day of Persons of Disabilities (December 3) by cleaning the garden, repainting slides, and creating a great environment for the kids to play at the ACSAUVEL Center!
    • Celebrating Christmas in a great joy with FoietLumiere (for mentally disabled people). MEPI LAA members played games with them and sang with them, even Santa distributed gifts for them. You definitely drew a smile on their faces.
    • AinWaraka School in Ghosta: 120 MEPI LAA members and school children come together to spend a memorable day full of fun activities. Essential goods were donated by MEPI LAA members.
  • MEPI LAA NGO Exhibition: An activity that gathered MEPI NGOs in one exhibition to display their work in a creative way.
  • Open Space Forum
  • Syrian Refugee Activity with UNHCR

Open Space Forum

  • In the Presence of H.E. David Hale, US Ambassador to Lebanon, MEPI LAA organized an Open Space Forum (OSF) entitled “Lebanese Civil Society: Challenges & Opportunities “in coordination with specialized consultants since this was a new concept in Lebanon. The forum gathered 60 Lebanese Non
  • Governmental Organizations, from the 20th to the 22nd February 2015, in Bethania, Harissa and assembled more than 80 active Civil Society leaders from across Lebanon; they strived to work together, share their experiences and knowledge and agree on a future action plan; they were able to identify their common priorities, objectives, opportunities and to generate creative ideas for the development of the Lebanese civil society. The forum was conducted using the Open Space Technology.
  • OSF is part of the “Together We Grow” project funded by MEPI DC, which aims to support MEPI alumni in promoting and engaging in civic involvement at the community level. Moreover, it encourages MEPI alumni members to translate their capacity, advocate and engage in projects and promote positive change in their communities.
  • Mr. Erik Ryan – MEPI Coordinator in Lebanon – attended the forum and participated along with the dedicated social activists and leaders.
  • Following the event, an e
  • book of proceeding was generated and sent to all participants and the reports were transmitted to a strategic consultant who prepared a strategy that provides a strong roadmap to the Lebanese Civil Society, and sustainability for MEPI LAA.

Finally the breakout sessions constituted the first step to initiating a dialogue about the topics of interest and introduced members to each other’s ideas, priorities and current projects and initiatives

Discussed Topics by Alphabetical Order
  • Citizenship
  • Civil Society Sustainability
  • Domestic Violence
  • Education and children with Disabilities
  • Funding Mechanisms
  • Good Governance and Corruption in Civil Society
  • Media
  • Prisons’ Condition (AR)
  • Rural Development and Tourism
  • Social Cohesion
  • Women Empowerment
  • Youth Empowerment and Participation (AR)