Middle East Partnership Initiative Lebanon Alumni Association is a registered (88 A/D) Lebanese local organization and a network of positive thinkers and advocates of change that was established in 2010. We aim to create public value for the Lebanese society within four pillars: Democracy, Education, Economics and Women Empowerment. We implement activities that include drafting policy recommendations, contributing to human development, enhancing citizenship and promoting the rule of law. Our diverse backgrounds, openness to dialogue, outreach, and inherent synergy are the landmarks of our success. Our vision of success is an empowered MEPI Alumni, a network that has become a hub for Lebanese civil society, as well as a think tank that influences policy and improves the lives of individual.

Our Objectives

Cooperate & coordinate with civil society organizations in order to strengthen the role of women in the society Help and support the Lebanese community implementing the projects that directly influence the Lebanese economic development Conduct training courses, conferences and seminars to improve the role of Lebanese women in the society, the economic and education sectors as well as the understanding of democracy in Lebanon Prepare and present programs for students in schools and universities that deal with the world of business and economy and the role of youth in the development of the national economy Propose and participate in the drafting of laws that strengthen the role of the individual, especially women; develop the economy and improve the standards of the educational level and circulate it to all segments of the society to promote the social concepts especially those related to democracy Cooperate with governmental and nongovernmental organizations in order to increase the awareness of individuals on the rights on all levels Develop the Lebanese society in the fields of education, economy and women’s rights through support and networking Benefit of all available communication and marketing tools to fulfill the objectives of the MEPI LAA

  • Our vision of success is an empowered MEPI Alumni, a network that has become a hub for Lebanese civil society.

Membership at MEPI LAA

Who is Eligible to become a MEPI LAA member?

Once you participate with a MEPI funded program or exchange program, you are eligible to become part of the MEPI Alumni Network and MEPI LAA. What are the requirements to become an official member at MEPI LAA? You are requested to fill in the membership application with all required documents as well as the membership fees.

What are the benefits and opportunities of becoming a MEPI LAA member?

MEPI LAA members can benefit from events, workshops, scholarships and exchange programs of MEPI. MEPI LAA members can apply for various activities as well as call for proposals and fellowships.

Founding Members:

  • Nadine Saba
  • Nayla Sabbagha
  • Maya Najm
  • Rania Kassab
  • Maroun Charabati
  • Patricia Cherfan
  • Nada Tarraf
  • Naji Chakhtoura
  • Fares Kobeissi
  • Wissam Chahine
  • Maher Hassanieh
  • Thomas Chahine
  • Dolly Choucair